Radio cab suddenly stops working

If you RB02 suddenly stopped working when you powered the layout up but it worked just fine when you shut it down before, you may have suffered the loss of the Radio ID information.   The Radio ID is a feature that ATTEMPTED to make sure the correct radio cabs talk to the correct layout in a multi-layout setup with each running a NCE radio system at the same time.  But it does not work and further more turned out to create radio operation problems.

Plug a Procab into the repeater Port A jack on the RB02 and then disconnect and then reconnect the cab bus to the RB02. When you reconnect the bus the RB02 should wake up in setup mode on the Procab.  Check the layout ID setting and set it back to zero.  Unplug the ProCab and the RB02 from the cab bus to kill power.   Reconnect the cab bus to the RB02 to start the RB02 up.  It should now work correctly. Do not attempt to use any other number.

If you have this problem, you have a old RB02 radio base station.  There is a radio base station software upgrade available for the RB02 that will fix this bug by removing the radio ID function that does not work

Do your wireless cabs worked when the plugged in? Do you have other wireless cabs that are working ok? Are all wireless cabs having this issue? If your wireless cab has an external antenna, or has an older version of the wireless you might have an older firmware version with a "layout ID"

It could be a "layout ID " issue - the ID must be set to 0 on the cab and the RB02 if both have the layout ID option. Do not attempt to use any other number.


Setting the layout ID on the RB02

1- Unplug the RB02 from the Cab Bus. Do not turn off system power.
2- Plug a ProCab into the PORT A connector of the RB02 using any standard Cab Bus cable.
If a repeater cable is already plugged into this expansion port temporarily remove it.
3- Restore the Cab Bus connection to the RB02.

****  If you DO NOT see the Layout ID option, you have an updated version 2.0 or 2.1 , and it has been removed.
4- Type the desired Layout ID number (factory default) then press ENTER.
5- Unplug the ProCab from PORT A to enable radio operation of the RB02 . The radio will not
operate until the cab is unplugged.
6- Restore the repeater connection to PORT A if it was removed


Setting the layout ID on the ProCab
Turn command station OFF.
The layout ID is set by pressing “EXPN” and selecting option #2 (SETUP RADIO).
Press “ENTER” to skip setting/changing the automatic shutdown timer.

Press 0 to set the Layout ID.  Press enter and the cab should return to normal   operation. ****  If you DO NOT see the Layout ID option, you have an updated wireless cab version firmware 1.5 or later and it has been removed.


If you have the layout ID option in one piece of hardware but not the other, you have mismatched wireless versions. ALL items with the Layout ID option still available MUST be sent to NCE for a firmware update so all components will operate together correctly. If ALL components still have the layout ID option everything will still work fine provided the Layout ID is set to 0.  Do not attempt to use any other number.


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