Radio Base Station Versions Explained and Identified


The RB01 and non upgraded RB02 radio base station would start to show problems when the following conditions were met:

1) A lot of radio cabs were being used.
2) The combination of wired (plugged in) and wireless (radio) cabs being used at the same time.
3) The radio cab addresses being used.

4) Sudden complete loss of radio operation on power up from a previous operating session where the radio ran just fine.
In other words very flaky radio operation under some conditions or loss of radio operation. 
Version 2.0 update of the RB02 fixed bugs and timing issues related to:
1) Key presses to get dropped
2) Runaway trains
3) Several cab addresses (8, 18, and 49) would cause the system to do bad things.
4) Loss of correct radio ID in the base station.
Version 2.1 update of the RB02 fixed display bug for the Cab06
You will need to send in your RB02 radio base station if it is not version 2.0 or 2.1, check the sticker on the bottom. If you have a Cab06, the RB02 must be version 2.1. To upgrade your RB02 to the current wireless firmware is $25 per item + return shipping.  Repeaters / RPT1 do NOT get updated.
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