Frozen PH-Pro / Cab Bus not functioning.

 If the command station is responding to commands try this first:

if not, keep going:

1. try resetting to factory settings using the BATTERY CONNECT JUMPER, page 20 of the manual: With the jumper installed the battery is on. Should the operator want to reset the Command Station to “FACTORY SETTINGS” remove the jumper, cycle the power to the Command Station OFF, then ON. All changes have now been cleared. Now re-install the jumper. If you leave the jumper off the command station will not remember any of its settings after you turn the power off.

2. Status light on left side of box: a solid light or a rapid blink with no system response could also be from one of the boards in the system box pulling away from where it connects to another board. 1) Unplug the cables from the front of the system box, turn the box over and remove the four screws that hold the cover on. 2) Turn the box back over and slide the cover off.

Look at the picture below for a side view with the cover removed. Along the back of the box you can see the connector between the boards.


3) With the front label facing you, you will see the booster pc board on the left. You will also see two pc boards stacked on top of each other on the right. These are the command station parts of the system. 4) Look at the two boards from the right side of the box and note if both of these boards are parallel to each other. Put the box down on a sturdy surface! 5) There are two rows of pins at the rear of the top pc board. We want you to press down on these pins. Underneath these pins is where the two pc boards connect together and they can come ever so slightly apart. 6) Before putting the cover back on, plug the system box back in and see how it works for you.


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