Radio cab numbers

Radio Procabs - 2 to 17.
Due to memory restrictions (cache) of the RB02, only cab addresses 2 to 17 have the capability of refreshing the Procab’s display.
Pre V2.0 RB02 - Do NOT use address 8 that has been confirmed to have runaways.
V2.0 RB02 – Address 8 has been fixed.

Radio Cab04/05/06E & P - 2 to 49.
Due to the RB02 restriction, with lots of Procabs being used eg. a Club etc, use 19 to 49, otherwise they can be used in the 2 to 17 range.

 ALL cabs must have radio version 1.5 and the RB02 must be version 2.0 to prevent slowdowns after extended use.

RB02 must be version 2.1  and command station must be version 2007C for the Cab06 to work correctly.



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