How to Program the OPTION key

If you cab is wireless, remove the batteries first.

To access the cab set up mode:

1) Turn on the command station
2) Unplug your cab from the command station or panel.
3) Press and hold down the SELECT LOCO button on the cab while plugging in the cab. The cab will now enter its internal setup program. Release the select loco button after the cab is plugged in. 
4) Press the Enter Key 5 times. Look for: PROG OPTION KEY

The factory key value is 94 so the OPTION button will act as BRAKE button.

Use the table below for other choices.

Press Enter to complete your selection after you have entered your correct option key value.

A common use is a value of 122 to program the option key as a Function Key Shift.  Function Key Shift gives quicker and easier access to upper level functions above F10 by adding 10 or 20 the values of the keypad.

At any time you may press PROG/ESC to leave set up mode.


The option key is now a +10 key


Think of the keypad a three different keypads and using a “shift key” to get to the 2nd and 3rd keypads.

Original keypad is F0-F9 , second keypad F10-F19, Third keypad F20 thru 28,


Using the upper functions: 

 Pressing the option key once adds 10 to the numbers on the keypad:   example:   pressing option then 2 is like pressing a “12” key . then it goes back to a normal 0-9 keyboard.

Second example: pressing option twice then 4 would be the “24” key then it goes back to a normal 0-9 keyboard.

The standard cab display only has enough room to show functions 0 to 6. To see a complete list of all 28 functions use the "EXPN" key - This button toggles the Full Function key display on and off


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