Digi key part number list

Custom cables can made by NCE. They are $6 plus $.50 per foot. This includes return shipping. Please specify whether you need a Cab / Cab Bus cable or Booster / Control Bus Cable Send a check with your written request to NCE Corporation 82 East Main Street Webster NY 14580 Attn: Custom Cables 


4 wire control bus booster to booster cable Plug Modular Connector 4p4c RJ-H Digikey AE10314-ND




6 wire Cab bus Cable Plug Modular Connector 6p6c  RJ12     Digikey A9093-ND  or AE10315-ND




6 pin (6P6C) low profile RJ12 jack used on all of our cabs, the UTP / PCP panels and many others.      Digikey    A31420-ND


 DC Power jack used on PCP panels and boosters 2.5/5.5mm plug (center positive).-  

Digikey CP-102BH-ND



2 pin board header    Digikey  ED1934-ND    



 4 pin board header    Digikey  ED1936-ND  



potentiometer for engineer cabs  - cab04 /06   Digikey 987-1276-ND



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