Read First - Wireless Version Troubleshooting Summary

The current version of the wireless in the cabs is 1.5B from 2009. The current version of the RB02 radio receiver antenna box is 2.1. from 2009. It should have a sticker on the bottom of the RB02 with the version. Updating old wireless versions of ANY NCE device is $106 per item plus return shipping. 

To get radio firmware version on a Pro Cab or converted Power Cab, turn off the cab, then turn off the DCC system. Hit the red e-stop button to turn on the throttle. you will see the wireless version on the screen. The current WIRELESS version is 1.5. Note that this is different from the software version of the Pro Cab which is 1.3.  

Any cab that is NOT version 1.5 will need a new wireless board with internal antenna installed. the cost for this is $106+ return shipping

You will also need to send in your RB02 radio base station if it is not version 2.0 or 2.1, check the sticker on the bottom. If you have a Cab06, the RB02 must be version 2.1. To upgrade your RB02 to the current wireless firmware is $25 per item + return shipping.

No RMA number needed for upgrades. Please put your first and last name LEGIBLY on the outside of the package. Include your contact info (email and phone number) and a description of what you want done. If payment is needed we will contact you before work is done to make payment arrangements. Please note that NCE does not have an electronic notification system. You will not be notified when we have received your package. Do not contact us for this. Please contact the shipping company for that information. FYI- the backlog stands at 4 weeks from when the package arrives.

Send to:      

NCE Corporation

Attn: Upgrades

82 East Main Street

Webster, NY. 14580


The distance of the RB02 Radio Base Station and RPT1 Repeaters from the NCE command station will have a direct impact on wireless performance!  

If the RB02 is 30 feet or farther from the command station then the cab bus cables being used require a power injection to deal with cable loss. In addition any single run of cable between the RB02 and a repeater over 30 to 40 feet will also need additional power.

The overall goal is this:  A minimum of 8v DC as measured on the UTP Panel and cab bus cables between pins 2 and 5  / Black and Yellow.

Read this:


Any combination of mismatched versions of our wireless products will cause issues.

Example:  One cab with version 1.4  of the wireless and another with version 1.5.

The actual version does not matter as much as everything being on the SAME version. 

All cabs must be on SAME radio version no matter what that version is. Mixing versions will result in problems. The current version is 1.5b

Wireless CAB versions and release dates:

v1.3 2005

v1.4 2005

v1.5 2007

v1.5b 2009

 to get your version info follow this article


All RB02 must be on version 2.0. If you have a Cab06 you must be use version 2.1.

All command stations must be on version 3/2007C for PH-Pro or 1.65B for PC / SB5

Any item that needs a firmware upgrade is $106 per item.

 Some other possibilities to consider are:

length on the antennas used on cabs and rb02

location of the RB02 – upside down ceiling mount is best.


for firmware upgrades:

No RMA number needed for upgrades

Include your contact info (email and phone number) and a description of what you want done


Send to:      

NCE Corporation

Attn: Upgrade

82 East Main Street

Webster, NY. 14580

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