Read First - Wireless Version Troubleshooting Summary

1. Only update a wireless component if you are trying to solve a problem.
Your EXISTING version 1.5 wireless cabs will NOT need an update. 
To get the radio firmware version on a Pro Cab or converted Power Cab, turn off the cab, then turn off the DCC system. Hit the red e-stop button to turn on the throttle. You will see the wireless version on the screen. The current WIRELESS version is 1.5, 1.5a, or 1.5b.  Note that this differs from the keypad and display firmware version of the Pro Cab that you see when booting up, which is always 1.3.  

Any older wireless versions that are 1.4 or older will cause issues and need to be updated. Older cabs with EXTERNAL antennas must also be updated.
The cable length used for the RB02 Radio Base Station from the NCE command station will directly impact wireless performance.  If the RB02 is 50 feet or farther from the command station, the cab bus cables may require a power injection for cable loss. In addition, any single run of cable between the RB02 and a repeater over 30 to 40 feet will also need additional power. The overall goal is this:  A minimum of 8v DC as measured on the UTP Panel and cab bus cables between pins 2 and 5  / Black and Yellow.


The optimum location of the RB02 is an upside-down ceiling mount. The frequency used is 916.50MHZ. Reception is affected by the number of people in the room and metal barriers.
Special notes regarding Cab06. If you have a Cab06, you must use an Rb02 version 2.1. 

Command station EPROMs must be on version 3/2007C or newer for PH-Pro or 1.65B for Power Cab and SB5. Firmware upgrade costs $30 per item + shipping.  

No RMA number is needed for upgrades. Include your contact info (email and phone number) and a description of what you want to be done.

Send to:      
NCE Corporation
Attn: Wireless Upgrades
82 East Main Street
Webster, NY. 14580

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