SB3 SB3a SB5 Smartbooster EPROM Firmware Versions

DO NOT update anything unless you are trying to solve a problem.

To find the version number:

From the regular loco screen - LOC, on the cab: Press prog / esc 4 times to get to "Set Cmd Station."

Press enter

The first thing you see is the command station version, which we need to know. Hopefully, you see 1.65B. That is the most recent version.

Press PPORG/ESC to go back to your normal screen


1.28 - 1. Support for USB computer interface
         2. Function refresh
         3. System reset to factory settings
         4. Support for 28 functions
         5. Programming of CVs up to 999 now supported

1.65 - 1. Cabs can now have up to 6 recall slots.

         2. Total number of cabs is now 6 - Cab addresses 2 thru 7

         3. Support for 3 AIU, USB or Mini-Panels using Cab addresses 8,9,and 10

         4.  New, improved USB/computer commands

1.65a - corrected unable to put in SB5 Dumb booster mode

1.65b - corrected number of available cab addresses after command station reset.

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