Types of Locomotive Addresses (LOC) Numbers: Short vs. Long

It does get a little weird, so for clarification:

A long address always has leading zeros as fillers so 0707 is a long address. Now the weird part about long addresses: The line in the sand is between 128 and 127. 0127 (and below) show up on the display as *127. BUT 128 and above show up as regular three dight numbers: 128

2. Even weirder: do NOT use any SHORT address below 128 if you ALSO consist / lashup / MU locos. The system memory ALSO uses these addresses for consists. The NMRA DCC standards are is not perfect for sure this is one of the quirks.


To select a locomotive for operation:
Press the SELECT LOCO button
Enter the 1 to 4 digit address of the loco/consist to be operated. A “Leading Zero”
is necessary for long addresses below 128. An asterisk will be displayed before any
long address below 128 (example below).
Press the ENTER key.

Locomotive address examples:
4421 = Long Address
006 =   Long Address as entered.
*006 = Long Address as displayed
45 =    Short Address as entered
045 =   Short Address as displayed

LOC: will be displayed when addressing a single locomotive
CON: will be displayed when addressing a Consist.

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