Recommended practice for command stations, boosters and transformers

Command station failures can be traced back to a few common items:

 1. Heat / Cold – Our products, like any electronic device, are not designed to withstand extreme temperatures. Often times a layout is not climate controlled 24/7/365. Boosters and transformers generate incredible amounts of heat that need to be dealt with. Adequate cooling is MUST Have.

 2. Short circuit protection is required item. The Brutus transformer we sell will put out 30 amps for small length of time! DCC electronic breakers like the EB1 are a worthwhile investment. It only takes ONE incident of a dead short even for only a few seconds to cause permanent damage. Even worse, is the appearance of no damage after a short occurs but then you experience gradual component degradation leading to eventual failure.  

 3. Poor power or dirty power input.  The power source should be plugged into a real surge protector NOT a “power strip” to protect against ground faults, lightning and static charge damage.

 4. Over capacity. How much power are you really drawing? Do you know for sure?   You could be over  and not know it.  A DCC RRampmeter will tell you for sure what your capacity needs are.


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