Consist Numbering Explained

To browse and review the consist information in the command station press the program escape key (prog/esc)  until you see "browse consists" then press enter. continue to press enter to review all consists item by item. pay close attention to the consist id.


The Powercab can hold 16 consists.

The valid consist numbers on a Powercab are 112-127.

The valid consist numbers on a PH-Pro are 1-127


cv19=0    no consist

cv19=128 no consist, but running backwards.

If you see a consist number higher than 127 in a locomotive, that means the loco is running in reverse. Subtract 128 to get the consist id used in the command station.

 The “browse consist” function shows all consists starting at 127 going down in the command station. It will also show you the locos in that consist and the direction they face.  does this now to make sure it is empty.

When creating a consist leave the locos uncoupled at first and a few inches apart so you can make sure they are speed matched reasonably well, and are both going in the same direction and not fighting each other.

When creating a consist it is recommended to not change the consist number that comes up preassigned by the command station. If you do change the number, write it down!!! The consist numbers start at 127 and go backwards down to 1 in the PH-PRO, in the Powercab they go from 127 down to 112. This is the value that is put in CV19 of the loco decoder when you add that loco to a consist.

 The lead loco will respond to the consist id (example-127) or the regular loco number. In this example the other locomotives will only respond to the consist address of 127 and will no longer respond to individual speed commands.

Important: you can use the lead loco number to control the consist only IF you are on the layout it was created on, so the command station knows to translate loco 1234 to consist 127.

if you are using the consist on a different layout you MUST use the portable consist id that was assigned by the command station, in our example that consist id is 127. Also remember that if the layout you are visiting already uses consist id 127, you will need to choose a different consist ID. Otherwise you will be controlling BOTH consists at once!

There are lighting rules pertaining to consisting as well, read this:

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