Setting CVs on the EB1 version 1

The factory default accessory address is 2044.  This is a “broadcast” address. You can change it by two methods.

1. Standard locomotive Ops mode - programming on the main

with power on, install setup jumper

select loco 9999, enter

use loco programming method to change address and / or CV

remove setup jumper


 NCE system only –press PROG/ESC 7) - OPS mode accessory programming

with power on, install setup jumper

Press SELECT ACCY on your controller

Type in the new address you want to EB1 to use followed by ENTER

Press 1 (for NORMAL) when prompted on your controller

Remove setup jumper

Using method 2, once the initial address is setup, you can then use option 7 in the Power Pro menu to directly change CV129 using ops mode programming accessory CV


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