Moving the Power Cab or using a longer cable

The Power Cab is a self-contained three-in-one DCC system. It is a Cab, a Booster, and a Command station in one unit. The cable used for the Power Cab is a kind of cable specially made thicker and heavier for this purpose. You cannot substitute ANY other type of cable. Longer cables or coiled cables are not available.

The seven-foot, 6-wire FLAT cable for the Power Cab contains full track power and the wall power from the 2 amp power supply. The coiled cable supplied with the Power Cab is for connecting the Power Cab to a booster. The coiled cable does not provide track power.

The flat cable used for the Power Cab is thicker and heavier for this purpose. It has six 24 AWG conductors. You cannot substitute ANY other type of cable. Using NON-NCE CABLES WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY. Longer cables or coiled cables are not available and are NOT recommended.

For this reason, you cannot move the Power Cab to different panel locations without a few changes to the layout. This is because the actual track power on the rails and the power from the wall transformer BOTH go through the Handset / Cab directly. If you unplug the Power Cab, you have no track power, and all locomotives will stop instantly. This also means using different panels and locations; you would have to move the track and wall power connections on the rear of the panel each time.

If you do not need more power and only need a new location to control trains, One option is to add a second cab of any kind. As long as the Power Cab stays plugged into the original panel, a second panel and a second cab can be added to provide control from a different location. You can have up to 3 additional cabs and unlimited panels with certain cable length provisions. Option B could also be a wireless cab. If the Power Cab again stays plugged in. You add an RB02 radio base station and any wireless cab.

If you need more power, add the SB5 smart booster. This is a combination of a 5amp booster and a command station. With the SB5 running the layout, the Power Cab is now just a regular cab. The Power Cab can now be unplugged and used in multiple locations via panels. You can reuse the original panel for this with no track wire or power connections on the rear, or you can add a UTP – Universal Throttle Panel.

If you wish to use the Power Cab in two completely separate locations, such as a workbench and a layout, that can be done by having two P114 power supplies and two (PCP) power cab panels. one set in each location. The two locations cannot be electrically connected or connected via track. 

2nd cab for the operator – 5240039 Cab06 w/4 digit LED display, digital encoder, recall capability  

2nd cab 5240010  Pro Cab full-size cab with LCD display

2nd cab panel 5240207 UTP Panel Cab Bus fascia panel w/RJ12 connectors

RJ12-7 7 Foot, 6 wire flat cable cab bus, 2 RJ12 connectors 5240213
RJ12-12 12 Foot, 6 wire flat cable cab bus, 2 RJ12 connectors 5240214

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