Multi OS USB Interface Drivers - Not For PH-Pro / Power Pro or CS02

This driver is for the NCE USB interface board only. Only use if Plug and Play automatic installation fails  

JMRI is free software in the public domain and not related to NCE in any way, shape, or form. We do what we can for our customers that own the Power Cab USB board. However, JMRI is only one of many pieces of software used with our USB interface. We provide a link to the drivers for the Silicon Labs chipset used on board, the software used with the USB board is up the end user. Any other information by NCE regarding JMRI is provided as a courtesy only. Questions regarding JMRI should be directed to the JMRI user group.

JMRI user group -

USB drivers for the NCE Power Cab USB board can be found here:



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