Wireless Power Cab

Why NCE does not sell a wireless Power Cab:

We get this request frequently from those who belong to a club that uses wireless but at home they only need a regular tethered Power Cab. By law If we sell it as a radio equipped Power Cab set, it must function out of the box in all capacities. That would mean we would be required to package it with an RB02 and an SB5. This would almost be the equivalent of a PH-Pro R system! 


You have two options and both require an RB02 Radio Receiver (5240023)

Step 2 - Option A: Power Cab + SB5 Smartbooster (5240027) and Send your Power Cab in to get Wireless added to it for $106+ return shipping charges


 Step 2 - Option B: Buy a Second NCE cab that is already Wireless.

Add a Wireless Pro Cab (5240011). The exact same loco operating capabilities, programming abilities, and button layout as your Power Cab.  

Add a Wireless Cab06 (5240040) Smaller engineer road cab with the full functionality of running trains with no locomotive programming access.  

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