Power Cab, 5-amp, 10-amp, and CS02 System Manuals

Please ignore any "version numbers" on the front covers. The most recent 5-amp system, 10-amp system, AND CS02 manuals are all labeled as PH-PROv2007.pdf.  

The 5-amp, 10-amp, and CS02 are identical from a firmware and operational perspective. See attached for the manual and diagrams. The CS02 has no track power booster.

Important Updates: Our five and ten-amp systems use a FLOATING bond wire, not EARTH ground. Do not ground any component to a cold water pipe or earth ground. If you have a system that uses multiple boosters, case bond all the boosters together and to the command station with the same size wire you use for the track bus. This bond wire acts as a drain for stray voltage.

Note: The CS02 has no separate manual. It shares identical firmware and parts with the Ph-Pro 5-amp system box and the PH10 system. The CS02 is normally sold as part of the PH10 system and is the same manual as the Ph-Pro system.

Find your EPROM version here:

PS: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


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