Windows 11 JMRI older PH-Pro serial ports

Before assuming this is your issue, please review the other Windows 11 article first. There is a good chance that one will fix your problem before proceeding below.


Special Issues with Windows 11, JMRI, older PH-Pro, Ch340 serial port cable:

For some users, the Windows 11 built-in driver does not work for the older serial port cables that use the CH340 chipset. As a workaround, install the older Ch340 driver attached to this article.

This is the exact configuration I have tested and verified that works with a Windows 11 laptop and the older Ph-Pro serial port connections.

1. Windows 11 Home 23H2

2. Serial port driver: driver    dated 8-8-14  version 3.4.2014.8       using COM port 3

3. Java version: Azul Zulu JRE 11.70.15 (11.0.22) 64-bit

4. Jmri Version 5.7.4


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