CVs higher than 255

Do not attempt to use an NCE 5 amp / 10 amp / Power Pro / PH-Pro / CS02 system to program CVs>255 in Program Track Mode using the Pro Cab. You will corrupt other CVs in the decoder.
Your options are:
 1) Use the built-in serial interface and a PC running JMRI / Decoder Pro. It knows how to work around the firmware bug in the Power Pro, and it also takes care of setting the index CVs 31 & 32.
 2) Use Program on Main, but you MUST manually set the correct values in CVs 31 & 32 BEFORE changing any CV>255.
 Depending on the type of NCE system you have AND the actual decoder, accessing and changing CVs above 255 might require a different method.

The 5amp PH-Pro has a firmware bug that prevents access to CVs above 255 on the program track ONLY. You can use POM - Programming On the Main with no issues.


The Power Cab has no such limitations.

Depending on the decoder you might need to deal with indexing too:

To access CVs above 255, you must first set one or two “indexing” CVs.

Read this:


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