Circuit Breaker for the SB5

Short Circuit Protection:
The P514 Power Supply that is supplied with the SB5 incorporates internal short circuit
protection that will shut down track power in the event of a short circuit. The unit will
attempt to re-energize the track every 3-4 seconds until the short is cleared. The Status
LED conveys status of the track power. The LED will ‘blip’ each time the P514 attempts to
restore track power, steady ‘on’ of the LED indicates track power is restored.

The circuit protection of the SB5/P514 is not intended to protect the booster from long term short circuits. Do not allow a long term short circuit to persist for more than 3 or 4
minutes or damage may result.

Therefore we strongly recommend an external short circuit protection device. This can be as simple as one or more automotive tail light bulbs such as an #1156 or similar wired in series with the track power output of the booster. NCE makes a variety of circuit protection devices and circuit breakers such as the CP6 and the EB1. This provides a means to divide your layout into separate power “districts.” A short or derailment in one district will only affect that section of track without shutting down other sections of the layout.

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