SMD resistors for new D13 series

In the attached picture you will see four surface mount 603 sized zero ohm resistors. Those are place holders / zero ohm bridges to supply full track power out of the package.  you can replace these with the SMD value of your choice.

With the white JST connector on the left as in the photo, from top to bottom the outputs are as follows:

resistor one - F0 Rear    CV34 F0R        default value is 2      output 2 / yellow

resistor two - F0 Front   CV33 F0F    default value is 1    output 1  / white


resistor three -  F2 CV36 F2        default value is 8      output 4 / violet

resistor four -    F1 CV35 F1        default value is 4      output 3 / green 


CV120 EFX for F0F output 1 / white        default value is 1  directional active in Forward

CV121 EFX for F0R output 2 / yellow        default value is 2  directional active in Reverse  

CV122 EFX for F1 output 3 / green           default value is 0 - standard on / off  

CV123 EFX for F2 output 4 / violet            default value is 0 - standard on / off  


Check me for accuracy please, I think got this figured out but you never know for sure until someone checks your work.



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