Which DCC system does what type of programming?

Important fact: You can only READ CVs  using program track mode. You cannot read CVs using programming on the main.

  1. The Ph-Pro system box – This has a dedicated programming track output AND a programming track mode. Also has programming on the main.
  2. The SB5 – No programming track mode, no programming track output terminals. Programming on the main only. This means you cannot READ CVS using the SB5 at all.
  3. The Power Cab -  Has a programming track mode that turns the entire layout connected into a programming track. No dedicated programming track output terminals.

 Remember that when you use the Power Cab with either the PH-Pro or the SB5 it then becomes just a Pro Cab. The booster you plug it into (PH-Pro or SB5) is running the layout.


*** Of special note is the DCC Twin. This product was designed for the specific purpose of replacing two DC transformers with a single easy to use box with very basic DCC functionality. Due to the physical constraints of the design, a Pro Cab or Power Cab must be connected to the Twin to gain access to the programming functions. 

Manuals for all four products are attached to this article.


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