using a single button to control a tortoise switch machine on the Button Board

Setting CV548 to 1 will cause pushbuttons connected via the optional Button Board to
to "toggle" the switch machine output. Each press of a button will alternate the switch
position. Setting CV548 = 1 enables the toggle option. CV548 = 0 disables it.
CV548 is "global" to the Switch8-Mk2, meaning it will affect all button commands coming
from the Button Board. (Factory default= 0)

To use one N.O. pushbutton make sure the global toggle option is set to on first.Use the accessory address of the first channel. Set CV548 to 1 for that accessory address.Then connect the two wires from the pushbutton as follows: One wire connects to GND. The other wire can connect to either the N or the R terminal for that channel.


The data sync between the BB, the SW8, and the command station can get a little wacky if they use different power sources. Try a couple different sequences of powering different things on first. The SW8 and the BB can be left on 24/7/265 with no issues. That is how I have them setup with external power on my layout. The three data lines between the BB and the sw8 are extremely sensitive to outside interference since it is a 5v low voltage connection. Twisted wires, very short wires, even some type of shielding might improve the situation. I use Cat5e /CAT6 cables with 24 AWG twisted pairs for all the low voltage (5v) data lines on my layout.


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