Broadway Limited BlueLine Series FAQ Section

BlueLine Series FAQ Section:

Can I run my BlueLine Series model on a DCC layout?
Yes, the BlueLine Series models are designed to run on DC track out-of-the-box, and to run on DCC after the installation of a DCC motor decoder. A BlueLine model has a DCC Sound system. The sound system is a dual-mode DCC decoder. The default address of the sound system is 03. When you purchase a BlueLine model, it does not have a DCC motor control system. The model will only move in DC. If you want to use your BlueLine model on DCC, simply plug a DCC motor decoder into the NMRA standard socket on the main circuit board. Please remember, this means your model now has two decoders. Make sure both decoders are programmed to the same address at all times.
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I want to use my BlueLine Series model on a DCC layout. What decoder should I install in my model?
Remember: your model already has a DCC sound system. You do not need to install a sound decoder. You can use any NMRA standard, medium sized DCC motor control decoder. There is a chart in your manual with recommended decoders from each manufacturer. We suggest N or Z scale decoders simply because they are physically smaller and are easier to fit into small diesel locomotives.

NOTE: For articulated steam locomotives, we suggest you use a decoder with a continuous duty rating of at least 1.5 amps.
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I installed a DCC motor decoder in my BlueLine model. Now I have sound, but no movement (OR I have movement, but no sound).
The BlueLine Sound decoder in the model and your installed motor decoder are set to two different DCC addresses. To avoid this situation, we recommend you program BlueLine models on the main track, in OPS Mode Programming. This way, you always set the addresses of both decoders at the same time. If your DCC system does not allow OPS Mode programming on the main line (Lenz), we recommend Direct Mode programming on a Program Track.
After programming to a new address, if you get sound but no movement, this means your Blueline Sound decoder is set to the new address but the motor decoder is set to some other address, probably 3. All you need to do is leave your model on the main track and select loco 03. You should be able to run the model. Use OPS MODE programming to change the address of the motor decoder so that it matches the address of the BlueLine sound decoder.
After programming to a new address, if you can run the engine but have no sound, the address of your motor decoder has been changed to the new address, but your BlueLine sound decoder is still set to 03. In this situation, leave the model on the main track. Address it as engine 3. Turn the throttle to start the sounds. You should be able to blow the whistle. Now use Ops mode programming to set engine 3 to the new address.
If the above solutions do not work, follow the instructions in the BlueLine manual for resetting the BlueLine sound decoder and the motor decoder to their factory settings.
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Why can't I read CV's from a BlueLine engine on my programming track?
Only Digitrax DCC Systems in PAGE Mode allow a user to read back CV's from a BlueLine sound decoder.
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Why does my BlueLine Series model run backwards after I installed my DCC decoder?
The DCC decoder is plugged into the socket backwards. Please see your BlueLine Operator's manual for instructions on orienting your DCC Motor Decoder properly.
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I have read my instructions, but I am still having problems changing the DCC address of my BlueLine Series model.
Click here to view an online version of the BlueLine Operator's manual. Beginning on page 20, there are step-by-step instructions for changing the DCC address with several of the most popular DCC control systems.
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How do I reset my BlueLine Series model to factory default settings?
To reset the BlueLine Sound decoder to factory defaults, set CV8 to 8 using Ops Mode programming on the main line, or Direct Mode programming on a separate programming track.
You will also need to reset your DCC motor decoder. Most use CV8 to 8 as a reset. Review the manuals that came with your decoders for reset procedures.
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