Eb1 v1 compared to new EB1 version 1.1

  1. Regardless of how you do it ( with the jumper or the programming button) you cannot change a CV on an EB1 until you put it in programming mode so it is “listening” for changes. for the old version: Install the jumper with the power ON. Make changes, then remove the jumper to test and use it. The new version has a one minute timer after you press the programming button.
  2. The connections for the momentary button are extremely basic, two contacts. just a single SPST with two wires will work.
  3. The differences between the two EB1 versions are minimal. We added a lower 2 amp setting so it can be used with Power Cab and the other change was we did away with the programming jumper in favor of a programming button. The rest is exactly the same.
  4. The LED outputs on both are designed for ANY standard 3v LED. The board has the dropping resistor on the output already, so this is as simple as connecting the LED and you are done. Just remember this is a status light, on is good, off or blinking is a short.




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