*** Note - If you have a Power Cab and a Booster remember that the Booster is now what is running trains NOT the Power Cab.

The SB3 and DCC Twin are 3 amps and can use the CP6 or the EB1.

The SB3a, SB5, and all Power Pro systems are 5 amps and can use the CP6 or the EB1.

You MUST use some form of Protection!

The SB5 and Power Cab have built in over current sensing for basic self-protection that will continuously try to reset until destroyed if left uncorrected. They do not have manual breakers that will trip or fuses that will blow.  

The CP6 is short circuit protection for up to 6 sections of your railroad. Operates with ANY DCC system. Each light bulb will allow 1 amp of current draw to flow. Sections can be connected together for more power per section. Sections can be added together, and lamp sizes can be mixed for many different current limits. An inexpensive, reliable way to distribute power and protect your trains in one unit.   



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