Wireless Cabs- General Troubleshooting

Each cab MUST have a unique Cab address. The address range is based on which DCC System is being used. before continuing below, remove the batteries and troubleshoot plugged in first.  follow this article on cab addresses 


1. The RB02- Radio Base Station can have a maximum of 16 Pro Cabs running radio.  While using radio cab address, use 2-17 for Pro Cabs due to limitation of LCD display memory usage. All other wireless throttles can use 2 - 49. We use 18 - 49 for intermediate cabs to reserve the lower slots for full size cabs.

2. To reset Cab ID:  hold down select loco while plugging in cab. Enter 00 as cab ID. This resets the cab and sets it to the default of 2.

3. To clear possible cab id conflicts from a command station: 1. Prog/esc 5 times, to go to “set cmd station” 2. Press enter 33 times, to scroll thru the menu options. The very last one is “clear all cab memory” 3. Reboot command station  4. Each cab will need to be plugged in one time, to register its existing cab id stored in the cab.

4. RB02 - Radio Base Station - Use a maximum of 16 Pro Cabs running radio. For the larger Pro Cabs on wireless  you must use cab address 2-17 due to limitation of display memory. All other wireless throttles can use 2 - 49. It is best to use 18 - 49  for engineer cabs to reserve the lower IDs for Procabs.  FYI-  an RPT1-x is an RB01 converted to an end of cab bus repeater.

5. A stubby 1/4 wave roughly has 30% less range then full 1/2 wave antenna

6. To get radio firmware version - turn off DCC system, hit red button on throttle. The current version is 1.5  and has much better range.

7. Wireless layout id ALWAYS needs to be 00

8. To check and set the layout id on RB02, remove the batteries from a wireless Pro Cab and leave them out. Plug a Radio Pro Cab into port A of the RB02 with the command station off.

9. Turn your system on with the Pro Cab still plugged in the Port A. The display on the Pro Cab will give you the radio version and Layout ID of the RB02. Change it to ID=0 using the keypad if you need to.

10. reconnect everything like normal and try again.



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