Power Cab or Pro Cab

A Pro Cab is only a Cab / Throttle. It requires a DCC system to function. This means you will also need a command station and a booster. 

The Power Cab is a complete self-contained 2 amp DCC starter system. It is three items in one package. It is a Cab / Throttle, it is a DCC Command Station, it is a DCC Track Power Booster.

Go here for Power Cab DCC Starter System    
Go here for Pro Cab Throttle


DCC systems have three essential sections.

  1. Command station - brain
  2. Cab – for the user to control the trains
  3. Booster – to supply track power


The Power Cab is a 3 in 1 item with all three in one device. But it can also be used as a cab only, with the other two sections automatically getting disabled as needed.

The coiled cable is for “Pro Cab Mode” which means using as a cab ONLY.


The document below embedded below and attached is the FIRST THING every customer who gets a sealed Power Cab will see.  You can see on the instructions that it refers to page 12 of the manual.

From page 12:


The simple explanation is that you use the coiled cable ONLY when using the Power Cab as a Pro Cab with 5 amp systems such as the SB5 Smart Booster or the Ph-Pro.









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