Cab Address Management for Multiple Layouts

Is it possible that this related to cab address conflicts?

 For each command station, each cab trying to use that command station MUST have is own unique cab address. This can be especially tricky with wireless cabs. As soon as you power up the cab on battery power if the cab address conflicts with an existing cab number already being used it will not work.  Multiple layouts make it even more complex.

 This is where you get into the topic of cab address management. This is extremely important when cabs are being used in multiple locations.

All wireless ProCabs must have a cab address no higher than 17. So between both layouts you have 16 addresses total to share (2-17). Each cab should be labeled with the number so there is no confusion.  Each layout should keep a list of cab addresses being used and who has which number. If anyone brings in a cab that has not been used before make 100% sure they do not power on the cab wirelessly. Remove the batteries and manually assign a cab address from your address pool.

 If you think you may have cab address conflicts the only way to resolve this is to reset all the wireless cabs, clear the command station cab memory, and then reassign cab addresses. Here are the articles for resetting the cabs and stations. Remember that resetting / programming wireless cabs must be done with the batteries out.

Cabs -

 Command stations  -

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