Cab04 Setup / Reset

Just as every locomotive has a separate number (address in DCC terms) each cab
needs a separate address so the command station can distinguish one cab from
another. Each CAB04 is shipped from the factory with the address of 5. If this is
not your first CAB04 you will have to change the address before using the cab.
To change the cab address:
1) Turn on the DCC system.
2) Unplug your Cab04 from the cab bus
3) Plug the cab back in while holding down the SELECT LOCO button.
4) Release the SELECT LOCO button. The cab will now enter its internal setup
program indicated by a flashing LED.
5) Press “1” to enter cab address setup mode. The LED flash rate slows to indicate
the cab is ready for you to enter a new cab address.
6) Type in the desired cab address followed by the ENTER key .
7) If you enter cab address 00 the cab will reset to its factory settings. If you enter
address 01 the cab will revert to its original factory settings except for any shifted
keys you have already programmed into the cab (the OPTION KEY will be set
back to act as DIRECTION). Valid cab addresses are based on what system it is being used with. Go here for more info on selecting a cab address. If you enter a number outside this range the LED will flash rapidly indicating an error. Press SELECT LOCO to clear the error and go back to step 2. This finishes setting the cab address.

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