Windows 10 updates blocking USB driver installation.

*Note: You may need temporarily uninstall McAfee or other antivirus software that prevents automatic installation of software drivers.


You might need to specifically allow Windows 10 to complete if you see this message or something similar in Windows Device Manager under the Other devices category:



Windows 10 instructions: How to Install Optional Updates

To check for optional updates: Click on your Start button then Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Click “Check for Update” to check for available updates.


Windows will install any mandatory updates (including security updates and non-optional cumulative updates) automatically.


2:   If an optional quality update is available, you’ll see a message saying so below the “Check for Updates” button. Click “Download and Install”. Complete this section next. mceclip1.png

If you have no regular Windows updates that need to be done, then it will look like this instead:



3.  Click “View all optional updates or View optional updates”  You should see this:


Click the Black arrow to expand the section and see your optional update list.

Look for something that says "Silicon Labs CP210X. check that box and start the installation


go back to Windows device manager and you should see something like this under ports:

Either version will work

The driver is now installed correctly. Make a note of the COM port number used by the cable. Your software will need to be configured for the same port number. In JMRI  in the Decoder Pro top menu bar: Edit, Preferences, connections



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