Digitrax and NCE Terminology

"Loconet" is a proprietary Digitrax only data protocol that does not exist in a NCE DCC system. The NCE equivalent the NCE "Cab Bus"


Digitrax "Rail Sync" is part of the NMRA DCC standard The NCE equivalent is the "Control Bus" These are both the track power and the DCC data signal that is on the tracks and come out of a DCC track power booster. ====================================================================

  4. Good news - Any device that connects directly to the track wiring and uses the NMRA DCC track bus like boosters, accessory controllers, and circuit breakers can be reused with zero issues.
  5. Ok news - SOME Digitrax Universal Throttle Panels are universal and can be reused. The older UP3 can be reused with the NCE cab bus and cabs, but the newer UP5 cannot be reused.
  6. Bad news - The cabs and command station will need to be replaced with NCE equipment.


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