10 amp Setup Information

10 Amp Power Booster recommended for O, G and other large scales ONLY. The PB-110A can provide true 10 Amps of continuous power to your track. Enough to handle MUs of the largest locomotives.

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The correct power supply for the PB110a is the 18vac 10 amp Brutus transformer.

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For use with PH-Pro 10amp System or PB110a 10amp Booster ONLY.

The 4-pin plug on the front should be Red, Orange, Black, and Gray from left to right.  Pins 1 and 2 are grouped together to provide the needed current capacity, and 3 and 4 are also grouped together. The photo shows the pre-wired 4-pin plug included with the 18VAC /10 amp Brutus. Factory set to 18v PWM DCC out, but can be adjusted from the rear of the box. You need 6 volts of in / out headroom when using a DC Power Supply. However, The PB110a is limited to a 22V PWM track output for NMRA DCC conformance. You can use up to a 32VDC input if needed.

Example: A 24VDC Supply will give you 18V PWM on the rails at full load.




The maximum input voltage to your PH-10 or PH-10R is 22V AC / 32V DC. Voltages above this will ultimately destroy your booster resulting in an expensive repair charge. The recommended Power Supply is the Brutus 10 amp supply part number 5240241 

Contents of the 10 Amp PH-10 System:
CS02 Command Station
PB110A Booster
Pro Cab
Seven foot coiled cable
Twelve inch, four wire flat cable
Seven foot, four wire flat cable
UTP cab bus panel
Seven foot, six wire flat cable for the UTP panel
Power Pro system reference manual
We recommend that you follow the instructions below to connect your system to a small test track first.
After your system is checked out completely and known to be working then consider the final installation locations for components and connections to the track.

#1 Disconnect the existing power supplies from your layout.
#2 Connect one end of the long (7 foot) coiled cable from the cab into the CS02 CAB BUS socket. Plug the other end in the ProCab.
#3 We supply a twelve inch and a seven foot four wire, flat cable for the CONTROL BUS. Depending on where you mount the CS02 and the PB110A, use either the short or long cable. Plug one end of the cable into the CS02 CONTROL BUS socket. The other end of this cableplugs into one of the CONTROL BUS sockets of the PB110A. Thisconnects the “Command Station” portion of the Power Pro to the “Power Booster” portion.
#4 If in place, pull the 4 pin plug from its socket on the face of the Power Pro. Connect your power source to the screw terminals marked POWER. Your power source must have a voltage within the range of  16-22 volts AC.  Make special note of the differences between the CS02 power and the PB110A power wiring. Do not exceed these voltages Note: The power wiring to the PB110 and the CS02 Command Station are DIFFERENT. If not wired correctly, serious damage and a costly repair may occur.



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